How Virtual Events Are Shaping The Event Management Industry?

Virtual events are quickly changing the trend during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and becoming more of a norm these days – at least for now, the trend is changing on a broader scale. During this worldwide emergency situation, different organizations stepped forward to introduce virtual events. When humans are faced with extreme conditions like the COVID-19 pandemic, we truly assess if our resources are flexible enough to accommodate change.

When all sorts of physical events have been cancelled worldwide, from local event companies to large organizations have felt the absence and came up with a new way to make their events successful. From workshops, art shows, launch shows to sports leagues and business conference, there is no longer a way to communicate with other physically. But while it was not possible to meet physically, this is not a reason to cancel your event altogether when facilities like “Meet Online” are available in the modern age. 


Ever since the outbreak has spread in a large portion of the world, many organizations like Tesla, iPhone, Microsoft, Google, and other companies have switched to online events. It has made giant tech companies switch to virtual events, and after all, they were already prepared for such kind of infrastructure, so it was easy for them to shift with the trend.

But what about small organizations? While the larger companies were adopting the trend, the small organizations like Northeast Astronomy Forum also hosted the change. They decided to host their event of 2020 virtually rather than arranging a physical conference. 


During these harsh times, it’s necessary to shift to virtual events, but at the same time, it is also worth the trouble. Arranging an event online is way cheaper than putting a place together for a physical event on a short budget. Moreover, significant revenue can be generated by streaming your event online on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. While virtual events are easy to arrange but you still need to focus on important aspects like:

  • Key areas and content of the event
  • Facilitating connectivity issues and choosing a valuable partner to host your events
  • Brainstorm ideas to engage the audience and generate revenue

All of this can be done if you have someone with the skills and knowledge to cover your event properly. So, if you’re planning your next event in the coming week or month? Enyxa will get you started from the planning checklist to arranging the event by making the process smooth and easy for you.

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