Why Live Streaming Is Important In 2021?

Marketing and branding are two main areas that are always evolving, leaving content creators on their toes when it comes to finding new ways for brand promotion and reaching out to customers. Not only marketing but video advertisement has created equal opportunities for event organizers. Live streaming has brushed it off for anyone who wants to make a virtual appearance without breaking a sweat. 

Take Instagram for a second, where large to small companies find massive success by promoting their products online. Also, take the example of YouTube, where content creators can organize their events and shows online without that much effort.

2021 is the prime time to start live streaming, and if you miss this opportunity, you could be missing out on massive traffic and the ability to create a viral buzz of your event. Here’s why you should take live streaming seriously in 2021 to grow your business.


It’s probably one of the main reasons you should care about live streaming, as the trend is simply changing. People tend to save time and enjoy attending virtual events than going to a physical place. It has a large user base and growing exceptionally and making the potential reach to thousands if not millions. 

According to a report of 2016, live streaming was a $30 billion industry, and it’s been constantly growing since then. The projected cost of growth is about $70 billion by the end of 2021. Moreover, nearly 12 million active users go to live streaming platforms each day. 

On top of this, more than 82% of internet users view live streaming events one way or another compared to the report of 2016. This means the industry will be growing much higher traffic in the coming years.


Social platforms developed live streaming to engage more and more audiences, and it is proved to be the best marketing tactic. User behavior changes and new technologies are the result of that change. Live streaming is also the product of user behavioral change accessible and beneficial for event organizers and companies equally. 

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